Managing complexity, mitigating risks, and controlling costs have become increasingly important factors for organizations considering their IT strategy. MKUnisoft / MKUniversal support delivers the skills and resources you need to optimize the performance of your solution and manage your business more effectively - so you can become a best-run business.

We empower your organization through knowledge transfer and access to standards and best practices. So your IT and business can harness widespread IT landscapes, and better implement your enterprise service-oriented architecture (enterprise SOA) strategies.

The breadth of our knowledge and the scale of our support organization ensure your technology's future. The result for your enterprise is optimal performance, a lower cost of ownership and a greater competitive advantage.

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Services Offered

Semiconductor Technology
Information Technology

Semiconductor Technology

Automated Wafer Inspection
Integrated Wafer Inspection
Automated Wafer Metrology
Yield Management
Equipment Automation
Automation Testing
MES Integration

Equipment Automation

SEMI Standards Support
Automation Software
E-84 Compliance Testing
FAB Experience
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