Integrated Wafer Inspection

MK Unisoft has experience in implementing Integrated Wafer Inspection systems (IMM � Integrated Measurement modules.

IMM - A measurement module intended to be integrated into manufacturing equipment, and with the capability of receiving substrates from the equipment, measuring those substrates, and returning the substrates and the measurement results to the equipment and other concerned clients.Some of the services offered in this area are:

Macro Wafer Inspection
Automated Review
KLARF file reading/writing
Recipe Development
Waferless Recipe Creation
Automated Defect Classification
Edge Inspection
Tool Matchig

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Services Offered

Semiconductor Technology
Information Technology

Semiconductor Technology

Automated Wafer Inspection
Integrated Wafer Inspection
Automated Wafer Metrology
Yield Management
Equipment Automation
Automation Testing
MES Integration

Equipment Automation

SEMI Standards Support
Automation Software
E-84 Compliance Testing
FAB Experience
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